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Women’s Welfare Organizations And Their Support

Our human civilization has been going on since millions of years but still there are a lot of problems that has to be conquered particularly the issues and discriminations that are faced by the women even today. Women are still seen as a thing for lust and are exploited daily sexually and mentally. They are struggling daily to live their life daily and finding the respectable job. Many women are facing the sexual harassment in their workplace and public areas. Many women do not even report their harassment due to many reasons. Welfare organizations are established to help women who are facing problems and support them. 

The women welfare organizations help the women to recover emotionally and financially so that they can live their life respectfully and peacefully. Many innocent women are dragged into escort services by unknown people in the name of employment. Once they enter into that industry it is not easy for them to return into the regular life. They have to continue working there as they cannot go back to their life due to non-approval of their family and lack of financial stability. Their lives will be spoiled without love and affection and they are used for business. Take a look at this site if you want to find out more reviews regarding escort jobs.

The women welfare organizations help in finding such women and bring them out of such escort services. They provide required training for the women to make them self-employed and live a respectable life. Many young women and kids are recovered from such places and sent to social homes and welfare organizations. They were provided with phycologist consultations to improve their self-confidence. Kids are sent to schooling so that they can have their normal childhood and grown up into respectable citizens.The women welfare organizations also help women who are victims of domestic violence. Their motto is the women empowerment and equality of the women. They receive funds from many people and organizations as donations for performing their organizational activities. Governments also encourage such organizations by giving various permissions and funds.

Nowadays people are seeing many fake organizations that are run in the name of welfare societies and collect money for the same purpose but which can be used for other purposes. Once they get all the funds into their hands, they start their actual business like girl trafficking and other illegal things. Every year more than 30% of the women are becoming the victims of these trafficking’s and especially the girls in teenage as they can easily get attracted to many things in that age.

It is not only the responsibility of the governments to take necessary measures to avoid all these things, but the citizens are also equally responsible for eradicating such miseries. Special laws have to be framed to punish such culprits who think of changing women into a business idea. Instance justice is the only weapon and even many countries are trying to implement the same for saving their women and to provide them with a safe and secure life.