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Like any city in the world Melbourne has a dark underbelly that can’t be ignored. Yes, that’s right I’m talking about the world of strippers! What, did you think I was talking about something as insignificant as mafia bosses and underworld crime?No strippers are far more important than gang bosses and mafia dons because any city that takes itself seriously as a world power in 2014 has to have a world class stripper scene otherwise it just can’t compete with the superpower cities throughout the rest of the world. Did you think New York and London are the two giants of the world’s cities because of their banking power and overall economic power? No, it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with their strip club scene, something that really keeps the money go around!So a world class strip scene is a vital factor for any wanna be major city, but, if we take Melbourne as an example, how does that far in the strippers stakes? Well let’s have a closer look at the types of strippers in Melbourne, shall we?
Traditional strippersTraditional topless waitress in Melbourne scene is very strong and is well renowned throughout Australia. Melbourne is filled with strippers and strip bars that offer top quality customer service, shows and girls that will rock your world so if you visit a traditional strippers in Melbourne you won’t be disappointed. Strippers in Melbourne even have special ‘shows’ and services which are a real treat for any strip club customer because some of them can’t be found anywhere else in Australia. Shower shows where two strippers basically have a show together – it’s that simple yet that effective – are something which shouldn’t be missed. Strippers in Melbourne are also have a variety of classy, higher end strips clubs as well as the seedier and cheaper strip clubs so there is also a great variety.
Stripper GramNot only does Melbourne have a varied and quality array of traditional strippers but it also has some unconventional Gold Coast strippers which are also very popular and add another dimension to Melbourne’s strip club industry. Instead of going to a strip club in Melbourne you can also stay at home and enjoy the delights of a stripper in your own living room because in Melbourne they commute and do home visits and birthday parties and can really surprise the unsuspecting ‘victim’, for lack of a better word!
Butlers in the BuffButlers in the buff are a great addition to Melbourne’s stripper scene and not unlike stripper grams add another dimension to the industry. Butlers and butlerettes in the buff are basically topless waiters and waitresses for hire who will cater birthday parties and events that need a little bit of spicing up with some professional eye candy. For a little extra they will even put on a little show!