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How To Organize A Hens Night Right?

What is a hen’s night?

A hen’s night is a party or celebration that is thrown to surprise a girl who is going to tie the knots in marriage. In other terms a hen’s night is a bridal shower that is thrown to a bride-to- be by her friends or family. Ideally there are only females who participate in a hen’s night and it is the opposite of a bachelor party. Also, hen’s nights are organized and held pretty much earlier to the wedding, this is because of the rituals such as the bride to stay home before her wedding night and so on. However, every hen’s night thrown in history is quite similar to each other and it is best to pre plan a hen’s night so that you do not miss anything on that day.

A dress code

Well this is not compulsory. Yet, it would be great if the person organizing the hen’s night inform the other feminists who are attending the party to match and stick to one color code. And also, you should inform the bride to be dressed in a different color than to the others. There are few recognized and usually used attires at Hen’s nights. They are pink tats, feather boas, classy fairy wings, and also tutus. Usually dressing up to a bridal shower is so much fun as mixing and matching clothes brings crazy fun and laughter.

The men’s resemblance

Yes, true that no men are allowed at a hen’s party. But, it does not mean that there should not be any resemblance of men. What you can do is be creative and either have erotic posters or pictures of men hanging everywhere. You can also get a Gold Coast stripper to spice up the occasion. And at present there are many good looking male strippers willing to participate in such Hen’s parties.

Drinks and treats

No matter what you have at your party, there is no go for it if there is a lack of food. Having treats and Drinks is a must. You can set up a mini bar with treats with pink die or whatever colors which match the theme of the hen’s night. And also you can serve drinks such as cocktails, fruit punches dressed as topless waitresses to make it entertaining or even serve lemonade depending on the religion.

The Games

What fun is it if there are no games at a party? You can come up with games such as truth and dare, card games, water games such as splashing water balloons or even start revealing of secrets that you have not shared with your male partners before.