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How To Get Striptease Dancers For Your Stag Night?

Bachelor parties are fun filled and every bit exciting. It is made interesting with different fun games and activities planned for the night. Each and every person participating in such nights enjoy every bit and not just the would-be groom for whom it is all planned. Stripping professionals are the first thing which comes to mind when one thinks of bachelor night parties. However, not everybody is comfortable though with naked women hanging around them. A few would-be-grooms are not at all comfortable with the idea of having naked women around them just a day before their special D-day and do not support the idea of such bachelor night or event and therefore have other plans. A pole and tassel theme night is definitely not the taste of each and every guy and therefore as a friend, it is your duty, rather responsibility, to respect your friend’s views and likes. And you should give him a night with activities of his choice and at the same time suitable for a bachelor night. However if your friend prefer stripping professionals, you really have to plan it out.

• Where to go?

You can take your friend to strip club or can hire strippers for the night and bring them to a hotel room or home for live entertainment and make arrangements accordingly, as they can perform anywhere. You can arrange for pole if you can or ask your friend to be one in case you do not find one. It will be your worst case scenario but quite a time for your friend. You can do some research on the areas which are re legalised for such strip clubs and stripping professionals as most cities have outlawed such clubs.

If you have to travel a distance to get to one, you can make arrangements likewise. If you are planning to use the hotel room for this purpose, make sure the hotel allows it or else you will be kicked out. Therefore, try avoiding or giving any hint to the hotel staff about your activity. If you are planning to have it at your place, you can hire topless waitress, it will be quite a dinner to remember.

• How to book?

You can book such waitress or the call-in girls up in advance months before the party night. As the best man, you need to do a lot of planning and get it right for the special night and make it all the more special by having everything ready and going on the day. It is advisable to book at least 3 months in advance. You can contact such agencies which help in such hiring online, but it is better to go with recommendations.

• Cost

A stripping professional can charge $50 for an hour to $300 for an hour. It all depends upon their service and performance. Therefore, payment depends upon what you are getting it in return.